Warning: Candles can be dangerous and can cause injury or a fire if not used correctly or if left unattended. 

• Always light candles with caution.

• Always burn candles in a safe holder or container.

• Burn candles only on a stable heat resistant surface. 

• Keep candles away from drafts. 

• Do not burn a candle when wax is less than 1/4 inch from bottom.

• Do not touch or move any candle while burning, or if wax is hot.

• Never leave any candle burning unattended. 

• Keep away from flammable materials
  (eg. drapes/curtains, pillows, books, paper, furniture, combustables etc.)

• Keep candles out of reach of children.

• Keep candles away from pets.

• Do not place burning candles at the edge of a table.

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+ For more candle safety rules please visit the NCA's Candle Safety Page.

+ For candle use instructions please read our Product Instructions.

All Earthy Candle Co. candle products include a warning label with safety and product use instructions and information located at the bottom of the container. Be sure to always read the warning label before using any candle product.